We will produce display fixtures.

Modern Eyes plans and produces original products to support clients' brand value creation and sales promotion. Premium novelty : Various materials such as resin, paper, fabric, steel, metal, glass, and pottery are molded, sewn, welded, plated, cut, punched, printed, etc. by dozens of cooperative factories and in-house factories both in Japan and overseas. We propose products with original designs that support all types of processing.    Proper products : We propose, design, and produce artist goods and anime goods, focusing on trendy products, through dozens of cooperative factories and our own factories, both in Japan and overseas. Display fixtures, POP, events : Based on ergonomics, the design takes into consideration the ease of viewing and picking up the product to the maximum extent, enhancing the eye-catching effect and guiding the sales promotion lead.             Planning / design / WEB : We are engaged in planning and design work from a broad perspective tailored to the target user, such as designing from planning proposals, commercialization from the idea level, planning and proposal of sales tools. mochatown : Full of anime and character goods! We also have figures, can badges, acrylic stands, key chains, and our original goods !!